Welcome to WebDesign! We specialize in designing professional web sites for small service-based businesses and include search engine optimization with each new site. Located in Delmar, NY (about 2 miles from Albany), we've been developing websites since 1997. Our customers are located in the Capital District, New York City, as far north as Toronto, as far south as Palm Beach, Florida, and as far west as California. We are committed to the long-term satisfaction and business success of each of our customers.

Here's what we offer small businesses:

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Website Design

We create well-organized, easy to navigate websites that are professionally designed and responsive. Responsive websites change according to the width of the device they are displayed on, so your new site will look good when viewed on a computer, smart phone or tablet. And... Google likes responsive websites which may help your site get higher rankings (be found) in Google based on keywords relevant to your business.

responsive website development

Here's an example of how responsive websites work... A website may display 3 columns of information on a desktop computer, but on a smart phone, that same page could display one column on top of the other. Navigation menus (the links you click on to get to the different pages of a site) could all be displayed on the same line (horizontally) on a desktop computer, but the menu on the smartphone version of the site could be displayed vertically.

Because a high percentage of people are now viewing websites on tablets and smartphones, new sites need to be developed using responsive design.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is an extremely important service we provide to each of our customers. The objective of optimizing a web site is to have it appear at the top of search engine results for key words or phrases associated with your business. A web site can only be successful if your potential customers can find it. Search engine optimization is a different service than "adding meta-tags to a website". Web designers often "add meta-tags" to new sites, but these sites still aren't found in the search engines. Search engine optimization is a time consuming process that involves analyzing your site, competitor sites, search engine database information, and more.

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Content Writing

Your website's content is everything on the page that includes text, images, video and audio. Content writing is crafting the text for your site. Our content writing services include interviewing our clients about their businesses, researching information about the business and its services, then writing the content for the search engines and your potential customers.

The content should include information your customers are most interested in reading about. The text should include keywords specific to your business, because search engines include this in their ranking algorithms. Meaning, if you want your website to be found in the search engines for words related to your business, those words should be included in your site's text. The writing should not overdo the use of keywords. It affects the quality of the writing and will also negatively impact your site's rankings in the search engines. To do this correctly takes hard work.

You want to inform customers. Some business's services may require a lot of research, since not much has already been written about it. After researching a service, we follow up with our customers to see if what we've found is specific to their business. Finally the writing has to be accurate, grammatically sound, and spelled correctly.

Content Management

A website that is developed with content management is one that allows the customer/owner of the website to update one or all sections of the site him or herself. The site owner goes to a website address that displays a userid/password on the screen. After keying in the userid/password, you would see a screen(s) that allows you to enter information (text, images, links) into an interface that is similar to a word processing package.You would not need to buy a website design package to update your site and you don't need to learn how to code to use one.

The pros for developing this type of site are that if you expect the content on your site to change frequently or you require the ability to change the content on your site any time of the day or night, you will have the control to update content yourself, whenever you want to.

The cons to having a site developed with content management are it generally costs more to build. There are also maintenance costs and security issues with open source (public access to the programming code) content management solutions such as Wordpress, Joomla and a whole host of other open source packages. To bypass these issues we develop content-managed websites with a proprietary (no public access to the programming code) solution. There are other reasons you may or may not want to use content management. We would be happy to discuss those with you.

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