Hi. My name is Lynn and I'm the owner of WebDesign. I began my career in software when I started working as a programmer/analyst for McDonald Douglas and then later for Computer Sciences Corporation. Fortunately my training emphasized following standards and creating test plans. Like computer programs, websites' coding standards are important and each page needs to be tested in a variety of browsers and on assorted devices.

After working for several organizations as a systems analyst, I worked for a small multi-media company where I learned the basics of website development. Following that I launched my own business in 1997, and have concentrated on developing websites and optimizing them for the search engines for small, service-based businesses. My goal has always been to give my small business customers a high return on investment for their web sites.

You're may be wondering what I can offer you that my competitors can't. To begin with, I create sites that are easy to navigate, look professional, and come with search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the process of creating a website so it's found in the search engines for keyword phrases that are specific to your business. In case you've done any research on this, we use white hat techniques only. Meaning, we follow the rules the search engines have created to optimize sites. Black hat techniques can get your website kicked out of the search engines.

I believe our prices are lower than our competitors who offer comparable services. Also, I am never, ever going to try to sell you something I don't think your business needs. If I think your business could profit from one or more services, I'm going to explain to you why that is and of course let you make your own decision on what to do. Something to bear in mind about your website and search engine optimization. It's not an exact science. The algorithms Google and other search engines use which determine your website's rank for specific keyword phrases are unpublished. People involved in search engine optimization understand (or should understand) the details that influence a website's ranking, but we can't guarantee a specific ranking in the search engines for any one keyword phrase. That being said, our sites have MANY keywords and keyword phrases that have number 1 rankings and many others in the top 3.

I'm in charge of all customer communication. You'll never get an untrained sales person on the phone or responding to your email inquiries.

We know that timely updates to your web site are extremely important to your business or organization. We've worked in high-paced industries and are accustomed to responding quickly to our customers' needs.

It's important for you to know what your options are when creating or maintaining a web site. We take the time to discuss alternatives without using technical jargon and are happy to answer any of your questions. In addition to working, each week I am involved in a variety of training courses with a goal to continually improve our offerings to our customers.