Frequently asked questions


How much does it cost to design and set up a small business web site?

Domain Name Registration - Approximately $12 per year. First year registration with the hosting company we use is usually FREE. Domain name pricing can vary.

Website Hosting
Approximately $156 / year. Website hosting prices can vary.

Website Design - I hesitate to quote prices here because they vary so much based on the size and content of each site. Please call (518) 478-7845 or email us for a FREE estimate.

Maintenance to Existing Sites - $60/hour with a 15 minute minimum.


What is a domain name?

It's the part of your website's address that follows the "www" part. For example, this site's domain name is Businesses generally use a website address ending in .com. Organizations' websites' addresses end in .org. Schools' website addresses end in .edu. There are many more domain name suffixes available, depending on the type of organization, the location of the site, etc.


What exactly is a web hosting company and is that a service you provide?

A web host provides you with space on one of their computers or servers that are directly connected to the Internet. They install and maintain all of the software and hardware associated with keeping your site online and provide fast connections to the Internet - In other words, they give your site somewhere to "live", so that people from all over the world can view it. WebDesign does not provide hosting services. We do, however, work with the hosting company to set up your site, email and domain name.


Does it really matter which hosting company I choose or should I just select one that offers the lowest monthly cost?

Don't underestimate the importance of the quality of the web hosting company you choose. Problems with your hosting company can cost your business both time and money. Things that can go wrong range from not being able to access your email, to your web site being down for prolonged periods, to features of your site not functioning properly. We will offer advice on which web hosting company to use based on our research and experience.


What is responsive design and do I need it?

Websites that are developed with responsive design change according to the width of the device they are displayed on. You've probably noticed that when you view older websites on your smart phone or tablet, the text is tiny and difficult to read. Responsive websites are built to be easier to read on all devices. Here's an example of how they work... A website page may display 3 columns of information on a desktop computer, but on a smart phone, that same page displays one column at a time, one on top of the other.

Navigation menus on a desktop computer may appear as one link next to the other on the same line. The menu on the smartphone version of that site, however, could look totally different. Many people are viewing websites on tablets and smartphones now, so newer sites should be developed using responsive design. Additionally Google may use a website's responsiveness in its search engine algorithm. Meaning, if your site is responsive, it may help you get higher rankings in Google.


Should I select a web designer who lives nearby?

It's not necessary to select a web designer who is in the same location as your business. All communication and exchange of information and images can take place over the phone or via email.


Where are you located and where are your customers located?

Our office is in Delmar, NY which is a couple of miles south of Albany. Our customers live in the Capital Region, as far north as Toronto, Canada, as far south as southern Florida and as far west as California.


What type of businesses do you develop websites for?

We generally develop websites for service businesses, such as dentists, lawyers, doctors, architects, IT consultants, event planners, transportation companies, etc. We are currently not developing e-commerce websites, meaning those that sell products online.


Why should I hire your business to develop my small business's website?

We really care about the quality of the website we develop and the search engine optimization we provide. Our goal has always been to get results for our small business customers. We provide a high level of customer service to each customer. You will always speak with the owner, never an untrained receptionist or outsourced employee. The cost of our services are generally about two thirds or less the cost of a business producing comparable results.


How can your prices be so competitive?

We maintain a low overhead and focus on our niche of small service-based businesses.


Can you develop content for my website?

In most cases, yes absolutely. We would spend time speaking with you about your company and then research your type of business before writing the content. The only exception to this would be content that requires an advanced degree to develop. If it's rocket science then you will need to write the content, but we would still in this case be able to optimize the content for the search engines. Examples of businesses we have developed content for are occupational therapists, physical therapists, couriers, dentists, freight/warehouse businesses, personal trainers, and fitness centers. Writing samples will be provided upon request.


How will I monitor my project's progress?

We will assign you a directory off of our site for you to review mockups and the various stages of the site. Depending on your preference, we'll contact you through either email or by phone, to let you know when updates have been made. Once you have approved the final site, we move the site to the web hosting computer and provide you with all of the usernames and passwords associated with the site and a zipped backup of it if you would like.


What is the difference between organic search engine optimization and Paid Per Click (PPC) campaigns?

Organic search engine optimization involves preparing your website to be found in the main part of a search engine's results for keywords and keyword phrases that are relevant to your business. In this case, there is no charge when a person clicks on your result in the search engine(s). We specialize in organic search engine optimization.


A paid per click (PPC) campaign is one that you set up with one or more search engines as an ad. When someone enters a keyword(s) into the search engine that you have associated with your site, your ad will be displayed. Then when that person clicks on your ad, they will go to your website, but you will be charged by the search engine for each user's click. It can become very expensive for the small business owner.


I have absolutely no idea what I want or need for my website. Where do I start?

We will help you with that. We'll ask you questions about your business, suggest the type of pages you may like to include, etc. The process is new to many business owners, but we've been doing this for 20 years and hope to make it an easy, fun experience for you.


I have an existing website that needs search engine optimization. Can you help?

Most of the time we don't optimize pre-existing sites. We like to create the site from the ground up. The search engine optimization is integrated in every stage of website development.

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